A Message from the E-Review Course Committee

Dear Doctors:


After the success of the E-Review Project in assisting our prospective diplomates, the current officers of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians has decided to continue and improve the course.  It is in this context that we would like to invite you once again to visit and access the E-Review page of our website (www.philchest.org).  You can still access it using your previous username and password. 

This is a 5-month (August-December 2016) online review of the topics that will be covered by the Specialty Board Examination come January 22, 2017. This is intended to self-assess your test readiness by posting case-based, multiple-choice questions to test your analytic and problem-solving skills. The corresponding answers and references will be posted.

Kindly note that the Murray and Nadel’s Textbook of Respiratory Medicine 6th Edition will serve as the main reference source of questions by the faculty of E-Review examiners. Additional references will include the latest PCCP and selected international consensus guidelines posted at the PCCP website http://philchest.org/about-pccp/specialty-board-in-pulmonary-medicine/

Please be advised that this on-line E-Review Project is not intended to supplant regular review by board eligibles.

For any assistance and further query, please email us at secretariat@philchest.org  or call us at 924-9204. 

Thank you and God bless.

 Sincerely yours,


E-Review Committee

Philippine College of Chest Physicians